Die Ergebnisse von 24 Stunden Camtasia:

8:00am – Best Practices for Quality Audio Recordings, Matt Pierce (Training) – 14:39 minutes

9:00am – Recording Best Practices, Anton Bollen (Training) – 8:34 minutes
Apps mentioned:

10:00am – Making SmartFocus Smarter, Ryan Eash (Training) – 8:24 minutes

11:00am – Camtasia and YouTube, Matt Pierce (Training) – 9:51 minutes
See this blog post for example videos and project settings

Noon – Screencast.com Integration with Camtasia Studio, Katie Lewis (Product Marketing Manager) – 8:24 minutes

1:00pm – Customizing ExpressShow, Dan Davis (Flash Developer) – 13:16 minutes

2:00pm – Jing and Editing in Camtasia Studio, Tony Dunckel (Snagit and Jing Product Manager) – 11:10 minutes

3:00pm – Keyboard Accessibility, Dan Davis (Flash Developer) – 8:30 minutes

4:00pm – HD Video and how to get 1080 recordings and production, Casey Phear (Tech Support)

5:00pm – Replacing Audio, Kate Sumbler (Tech Support) – 4:03 minutes

6:00pm – Hidden Gems in Recorder, Mike Kujansuu (Product Marketing Manager) – 5:55 minutes

7:00pm – Replacing Video, Daniel Foster (Writer and Newsletter Editor Extraordinaire) – 6:36 minutes

9:00pm – How to Customize HTML output, Brooks Andrus (Senior Flash Developer) – 12:43 minutes

10:00pm – Focus on Flash. „Why MPEG4? How does it help you?“, Brooks Andrus (Senior Flash Developer) – 8:48 minutes

11:00pm – FLV and customer suggestions, Betsy Weber (Chief Evangelist) – 9:33 minutes

Midnight – Extreme Makeover! Chris McQueen (Training)

1:00am – Camtasia Relay Integration and demo, Walter Pelowski (Customer Solutions Engineer) – 11:30 minutes

2:00am – Editing faster in Camtasia Studio 6, Jonathan Eaton (Development) – 32:34 minutes

3:00am – Best practicing for sizing projects – 7:21 minutes

4:00am – Microphone round-up, Casey Phear (Tech Support) – 4:49 minutes

5:00am – Not so obvious tips, Mike Curtis (Information Development) – 9:21 minutes
You can find Mike’s tips from his screencast here

6:00am – Best Production Options (including Production Presets), Brian Lesperance (Sales Manager) – 7:09 minutes

7:00am – Working with Camera Video, Betsy Weber (Chief Evangelist) – 4:54 minutes

Quelle: http://visuallounge.techsmith.com/2009/02/final_videos_-_24_videos_in_24.html

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